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Edmonton's Plumbing and Heating Company

Star is Edmonton's top plumbing and heating. We provide a wide range of services to a large number of clients. We offer best in-class plumbing and heating (HVAC) installations and plumbing repairs as well as gas fittings and gas line installation and repair. Our teams also offer hot water tank installation and repair, hose bib replacement, refrigerator water line installation and repair, furnace replacement or repair, and more. Call us if you want a quality service provider to repair frozen pipes, hot water tanks, or if you have a question regarding any of your other heating and plumbing needs. The quality of our service is unmatched in Edmonton, or elsewhere. We have the best trained and most experienced staff in Alberta to meet your unique service needs in a timely, affordable manner. We are proud to service the plumbing and heating needs of Edmonton as well as Beaumont, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Morinville, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Sherwood Park and St. Albert.


Top 6 Reasons To Choose STAR

Emergency Service

STAR offers emergency service for clients in need of immediate maintenance and/or repair. We understand that having damaged pipes, or a dysfunctional heating system can prevent a business from operating and make a home unlivable. Let us help you fast and reiliable service when you need it most.

Unmatched Service Staff

Our staff are versatile and extremely skilled  providing prompt and courteous service at a high standard to meet each of our clients’ set of concerns.

Top Quality Products and Tools

The skill of our staff is complemented by the quality of our products and tools. We ensure that the tools and resources we use are of the highest quality. At STAR we have the right tools and equipment to ensure  high quality, reliable repairs, maintenance and installations.

Affordability and Convenience

We believe our clients should always be able to access high quality heating and plumbing services at affordable rates. Whether you need a small repair to a leaky faucet, or a complete renovation, STAR can satisfy your needs at a competitive price.

Honest and Helpful

We tell the truth about what work needs to be done to get your heating and plumbing operating during every assessment.

Largest Service Area in Alberta

STAR operates in a larger area than any other plumbing and heating company in the province of Alberta.


Our Emergency Services

STAR is renowned for our prompt 24 hour emergency services. We understand that properties can unexpectedly demand immediate attention. We can always be reached at any time, whether morning, noon or night.


The working condition of plumbing and heating systems, including, gas lines, water lines, refrigerator water lines, heating systems, faucets, toilets or even kitchen sinks is of the utmost importance for any business, or home. Our commitment to your heating and plumbing systems is perhaps best expressed by way of our phenomenal, reliable and trustworthy emergency services.


There when you need us: whenever you need us.



plumbing services

STAR offers a wide variety of reliable plumbing services including pipe, hot water tank installation, maintenance and repair, as well as faucet, toilet and sink installation.



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heating and cooling services

STAR offers a wide variety of reliable heating and cooling services including the installation, maintenance and repair of furnaces, ducts, HRV, and air conditioners.




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contact us

Reach us by phone or email and we will be there to repair, install or simply replace whatever you may need. We service all of Edmonton and surrounding areas. Remember: we can be contacted 24 hours a day.


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Plumbing Services

Hot Water Tanks - At STAR, our staff are knowledgeable about all things related to hot water tanks: supplying the best quality models, installing them correctly, repairing damaged models and performing routine maintenance.

Kitchens - Let us handle all of your kitchen plumbing needs. We can help you select, provide and install new sinks, garborators and faucets.

Bathrooms - We can have your bathroom back in working order in no time! We can supply , install, repair or perform maintenance on your sinks, drains, toilets and showers.

Renovations - Regardless of the scope or nature of the project, commercial or residential, STAR can help with any renovations your plumbing might demand.

Gas Lines - We are experienced in working safely with gas lines, a job that demands precision and caution. We are capable of performing high quality gas line installation, repair, maintenance, or in the case of an existing line failure, replacement.

Sumps - Sumps can be vital to ensuring the health of your home. Trust STAR for a reliable installation, repair and maintenance of your sump pump.

Faucets, Sinks and Tubs - Faucets, sinks and tubs can be among the most important fixtures in your home. It’s likely that you and your family rely on them each and every day. STAR can easily install, repair, or perform maintenance on your faucets, sinks and tubs.

Showers and Toilets - We believe everyone should be able to trust in the quality and condition of their showers and toilets. You can trust us in the skillful installation, repair and maintenance of your showers and toilets.

Drains - STAR has an extensive knowledge of drain installation, repair and maintenance. We want to ensure your drains are clear and they stay that way.

In-floor Heating - In-floor heating is an effective and efficient means to providing an even and quiet heat. We are experienced in the installation, repair and maintenance of the best available in-floor heating systems in the business.

Boilers - STAR is skilled and experienced in selecting, installing, repairing and maintaining the best boilers for any need. The function of a boiler is vital to most heating systems. Trust us with this important task.


Heating and Cooling Services

Furnaces - Furnaces are the centerpieces of most domestic and commercial heating systems. Their function and reliability is essential. Trust STAR to supply, install, repair and maintain your  furnace.

Heat Recovery Ventalator (HRV) - HRV systems continuously introduce fresh air to the home and warms it using heat from stale air that would otherwise be wasted.  An HRV will improve the efficiency of both your heating system and your home.

Air Conditioning - Air conditioning is essential to improving the comfort of a home or business. STAR is experienced in installing, repairing and maintaining effective air conditioning systems to provide the most comfortable conditions for you, your family or patrons.

Humidifiers - Low humidity can adversely affect both the health of a space and the comfort of the individuals who inhabit it. Trust in STAR to install, repair and maintain the best humidifiers.

Energy Efficiency - Our product are all chosen with  energy efficiency in mind. We stay up-to-date on the industry’s most effective means for conserving energy use in our heating and cooling systems.

Allergy Prevention - STAR has developed, over the course of our years in the industry, a comprehensive knowledge of the most effective and affordable methods for reducing the agitating allergens present in businesses and homes.

Air Filtration Systems - STAR has extensive knowledge of installing and maintaining the most effective air filtration systems, ensuring the cleanest  and the highest  quality of air.

Garage Heaters - STAR offers a wide range of products and solutions for your garage heating needs. Transform your garage into a comfortable, usable space regardless of the season.

Renovations - Let STAR assist you with the renovations on your existing heating and cooling systems. Whatever your needs, and whatever the scope of the heating or cooling project, we would love to help.

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Star Mechanical
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Star Mechanical
Plumbing and Heating
12928-170 Street NW,  Edmonton, AB T5V 0B4
PHONE: 780-481-8873

Providing Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Services to all of Edmonton and surrounding areas
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